Project Communication Strategy

Timely and well-informed communication is vital for achieving successful project delivery.

At Arfa Developers, we understand that communication is key to building trust and fostering successful relationships. We prioritize effective listening, acting on feedback, addressing issues, and promoting harmony within our team and with clients and partners.

Effective project management equals directing information flow appropriately and keeping all stakeholders informed.

Discover how we enhance project communication at every stage.

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Project Analysis 01

We listen closely to the client's requirements and carefully plan before proceeding with initial development. Our website development team conducts detailed analysis, research, and design workflow design based on the project SRS to grasp the project's requirements and scope.

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Project Kickoff Meetings 02

Following project agreement, teams and clients convene to discuss key deliverables, procedures, scope, timelines, resource billing, and payment. Our Business Analyst Expert facilitates a meeting between the client and dedicated Project Manager along with team members involved.

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Clear, Correct, and Concise Communication 03

Since day one, our team ensures clarity, conciseness, and correctness in all interactions with clients and among project teammates, managers, and leaders.

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Single Point of Contact 04

We streamline communication by designating a single point of contact for clear and effective interaction, centralizing data for easy access. While a client typically communicates through this designated contact, they can also reach out to individual team members for specific issues when needed.

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Varius Communication Channels 05

We prioritize communication and utilize multiple channels such as Skype, Email, Messengers, and Phone calls to engage with both national and international clients. We encourage live meetings, video and audio conference calls, as well as instant messaging and emails. We adapt written and verbal communication methods as needed for effective interaction.

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Project Workflow Accessibility 06

After outlining the project details, we meticulously document and share them for easy access on shared folders or project communication tools like Jira. This ensures all stakeholders gain insights into the current state of the project workflow.

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Privacy & Security 07

Recognizing the sensitivity of project details and client information, all team members at Arfa Developers are committed to maintaining confidentiality within the office premises, adhering strictly to privacy policy agreements.

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Regular Project Reviews 08

We prioritize maintaining quality through frequent work reviews. Meetings are scheduled weekly or fortnightly based on client convenience and project needs.

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Thorough Documentation 09

We ensure comprehensive documentation of all conversations, procedures, feedback, and resources for easy reference and sharing. This includes preserving emails and Skype chats for future communication.

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Status Reports 10

Following each development phase, we provide clients with project status reports detailing completed tasks, pending work, and soliciting feedback for any necessary adjustments.

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Respect & Flexibility 11

We highly regard client suggestions, opinions, and contributions to project development, granting them the freedom to communicate any necessary changes for the project's improvement.

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